No need to hold a flag of revolt : CM Pokhrel

January 18, PARASI : Chief Minister Shankar Pokhrel has said there was no need of raising a flag of revolt in the Nepali society. Inaugurating the State (5) level basic training organised by Nepal Scout at Bardaghat of West Nawalparasi today, the chief minister underlined the need of cultivating a collective feeling that the State is ours and only strengthened State would make citizens stronger.

According to him, sometimes citizens seek to create a distance with the State due to an impact of psychology shaped by the conventional movements and it seemed that a section of people in the society perceived oneself as ‘revolutionary’ against the State.
“Strong and competent State is required so that citizens could exercise their rights given by the constitution and on this condition, citizen could have a feeling of pride and it is our responsibility to build such a State,” he opined.

He went on to say that the culture of labour migration had dominated the society and a large exodus of Nepali youths in search of opportunities was its result.

He took time to call on a working age people to seek entrepreneurship opportunities at home for the support of the prosperous nation building campaign.

“We are compelled to identify Nepal as the youth labour exporting country, but at the same time more important works at home are waiting for us which we ignore.”

Highlighting the role of youths in transforming disappointment and frustrations seen in the society into positive energy, the chief minister expressed his hope that this type of scout training session would help produce decent and responsible citizens, contributing to the building of a model society.

State government’s spokesperson and minister for physical infrastructure development Baijanath Chaudhary descried youth population as the major base for prosperity and a rescuing force during crisis.

Secretary at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, Ram Prasad Thapaliya said the government had announced this year as the ‘Year for Youths Mobilisation’ and it was necessary to take the Scout campaign to villages to support the campaign.
The five-day training has the participations of a total of 603 trainees from all 109 local levels in 12 districts under the state 5 and 110 trainers. (RSS)

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