Media should disseminate right information: Minister Banskota

December 30, LAMKI : Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Gokul Prasad Banskota, has said that media should give stress to disseminate information in a fair manner.

Inaugurating ‘Lamki FM’ at Lamki Chuha municipality of Kailali district on Monday, Minister Banskota urged media to work in an independent and fair manner. He also laid emphasis that media should fulfill their responsibility as government has given security to them.

Minister Banskota said, “The government has been carrying out activities to end corruption. Action will be taken against all involved in corruption.”

Saying media persons should help to end chhaupadi practice in Sudurpaschim, Banskota, also the Spokesperson of the government, expressed the belief that local levels should curtail the social security allowance of those forcing people to follow the chhaupadi practice, which would help uproot such tradition.

He underscored the initiative of local levels to end such tradition, saying chhaupadi practice could not be alleviated without efforts of local government. (RSS)

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