Why is Sex necessary ?

Dr. Ram Bdr Bohara
Dr. Ram Bdr Bohara

Every human being or animal needs sex. Some people nowadays claim that they do not know what sex is and how it works in our body.

Just as we need food, we need sex. We have seen a lot of difference between those who have sex regularly and those who do not.

Sex has a positive effect on mental and physical health. We find that those who do not have sex are more likely to be depressed than those who do not.

Depression can also be caused by a lack of interest in sex. During sex, our body produces hormones. That hormone helps a lot in our health. Sex is different for men and women.

Every man and woman needs to understand how long sex is needed. 5 to 7 minutes is prescribed while women are prescribed 10 to 15 minutes. A study has shown that women get depressed if a man cannot satisfy them.

Nowadays, men enjoy sex without using time and it leads to premature ejaculation, but women have to live without pleasure, so this problem can happen to women.

So in a mutual agreement, if both of them use their time to relax and stop having sex in the middle, then both of them will get equal happiness.

In today’s article, I will give information on what to eat to remove sexual weakness.

Home remedies to increase sexual desire
1. Drinking 1 glass of pomegranate juice daily increases sexual desire in women.

2. Eat fresh fruits, fish and meat daily. Do not consume hard alcohol as much as possible.

3. Eat as light a meal as possible. Eat more local eggs.

4. Get out of the habit of sleeping too much – make your mind fresh.

5. If you are not disturbed while sleeping in your room and if there is moderate light, you can have good pleasure in sex.

Dr. Ram Bahadur Bohara is the Chairman of the Nepal Alternative Medical Development Council, Advisor of Science Infotech and Health Columnist, and Advisor of Nepalpatra.

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