Benefits of Soybean for Health

Dr. Ram Bdr Bohara
Dr. Ram Bdr Bohara

Soybean is an annual summer leguminous plant, native to Eastern Asia; economically the most important bean in the world. The soybean is an erect, branching plant, resembling in its early growth ordinary field beans.

The deep roots are responsible in part for the great resistance to drought offered by soybeans. The seeds are usually yellow-green, brown or black but maybe bicoloured.No truly white or red seeds are known.

The commonest bicolored patterns are green or yellow with a saddle-like patch of black or brown extending down on each sideline of hilum or seed scar. The soybean succeeds on nearly all types of soils but does best on fertile or sandy loams.

Soybeans that are low in starch and high in fat and protein are sometimes used as a meat substitute. The oil is principally used for food and also in paint, chemical, and other industries.

Apart from eating them as cooked vegetables, we can make a flour of soybeans and use it for the relief of swollen testicles, swollen breasts, and to the eyelids where there is excessive watering of the eyes.

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Dr. Ram Bahadur Bohara is the Chairman of the Nepal Alternative Medical Development Council, Advisor of Science Infotech and Health Columnist, and Journalist of Nepalpatra.

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