How to use Mebendazole ?

Dr. Ram Bdr Bohara
Dr. Ram Bdr Bohara

A broad Spectrum Anthelmintic. It slowly immobilizes and kills parasitic worms probably by inhibiting their micro-tubular transport systems. It acts on round worms, whip worms, pin worms, hook worms, thread worms and tape worms.

It is poorly absorbed and has not systemic effects. It is thus useful in the treatment of a variety of worms found in the intestines. Following Mebendazole, worms are passed out in stools.

Doses and Administration

1. Pin worms

Doses : 100mg single dose (Adult and children dose is same but in case of infants Syrup should be used)

2. Round worm

Dose : 100mg Tablet or Syrup twice daily x 3 days.

3. Hook worm

Doses : 100mg Tablet or Syrup twice daily x 3 days after meal (Total 6 Tablet)

4. Whip worms

Doses : 100mg 1Tablet twice daily X 3 days.

5. Tap worms

Mebendazol is also useful in the treatment of tape worms.Tape worms are flat,segmented worms about 3-10 meters long.

Segments (1-3) may be seen in stool. They are caused by eating infects beef or pork that has not been properly cooked.

Doses : 200mg 2 Tablet twice daily X 3 days (total 12 Tablets).

Not : Doses are similar for adults and children above the age of two years. However,for children the liquid preparation is preferred to Tablet. It does not require any prescription such as prior starving or follow up purgation.

Sides Effects

It is a safe drug but pain in abdomen, diarrhea or rash over tha body may appear.


Mebendazol should not be used for the children less then two years of age.It is not to be used for pregnant mother.

Dr. Ram Bahadur Bohara is the Chairman of the Nepal Alternative Medical Development Council, Advisor of Science Infotech and Health Columnist, and Advisor of Nepalpatra.

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