Nepali Orthodox tea to go Global with Trademark

Ilam, Sept 22 : After a long struggle and advocacy, the Nepali orthodox tea is to enter global market with a trade mark. Now onwards, the trademark ‘Nepal Tea: Quality from the Himalayas’ issued by the government will be engrained in the tea packet before launching it to the world market.

The trade mark was released at Fikkal of Ilam, which is known as the ‘capital of tea’ in Nepal, on Tuesday. Now, the tea produced by a dozen of industries will be taken beyond borders with the trade mark. “The trademark was introduced after a long struggle for it. Now, we can sell the team showing our origin and quality,” said a tea entrepreneur Uday Chapagain.

He further said although our industries have own brand, the trademark gives distinct image of product in the international market. The tea industries and cooperatives were given authority/license to use the trademark by adhering to the Nepali Orthodox Tea Certification Trademark Directive (Measurement and Code of Conduct), 2074.

Meanwhile, a trademark monitoring, management and regulation committee has been formed under the coordination of Executive Director at Tea and Coffee Development Board. The tea industries fulfilling 100 percent requirement set by the committee would be permitted for the use of trademark, said Board Executive Director, Dr Bishnu Bhattarai.

Similarly, Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development Ghanashyam Bhushal observed that trademark was also important to measure quality of product in addition to its market promotion. Trademark is imperative to compete in the world market, he added.

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